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Today, more than ever before, it is important that we create balance and eat healthily. TekGrow garden kit has a compact and functional design so you can easily integrate an in-home garden with your living space.

For a thriving garden to grow, plants need good companionship with other plants. Similarly, your in-home garden would also benefit from a combination of plants that can support the each-others’ growth. Our team of experts have carefully designed plant growing techniques that combine compatible plants and specific requirements for lighting and watering to yield the most successful garden and the best harvest.

3 TekGrow Smart In-Home Garden open door
TekGrow Smart In-Home Garden in kitchen

Grow in 365 Days

Grow microgreens, herbs, leafy greens, mushrooms and cordyceps militaris in 365 days per year

Yield to Organic Vegetables

Produce rich nutrient, fresh, healthy, safe, 100% organic greens and mushrooms


Power consumption less than 30 kWh per month

Benefit Value



1.5 kg of fresh and nutritious microgreens every 2 weeks

(≈ CAD $150)

(Canada market price)

Cost of seed: CAD $40 per 2 weeks

Enoki Mushrooms


4.5 kg of fresh enoki mushrooms every 12 weeks

(≈ CAD $90)

(Canada market price)

Cost of seed: CAD $10 per 12 weeks

Cordyceps Militaris


1.5 kg of fresh cordyceps  militaris every 12 weeks

(≈ CAD $350)

(Vietnam market price)

Cost of seed: CAD $80 per 12 weeks

Technical Specifications

✓ Equipped with auto control for LED light, temperature, humidity, wind, sound, water, nutrient liquid, oxygen and carbon-dioxide

✓ Use the My TekGrow app to connect with your garden on smart devices

✓ Set reminders for harvest time, environment & door status

✓ Manually adjust kit settings by using the on-device touch screen or by using the My TekGrow App

✓ Integrated carbon filter to clean and release the smell-less air


Made in Canada

1-Year Warranty

My TekGrow App

My TekGrow app main screen
My TekGrow app menu screen
My TekGrow app recipes screen

✓ Connects to the garden through Wi-Fi or LAN Internet connection

✓ Auto-control environment and door settings

✓ Monitor/display settings and growth reports

✓ Set reminders for harvest time, environment & door status

✓ Allows for manual adjustments to environment settings

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the perks of the 99 Early Adapter?


  • Get free seeds in 06 months from one of three options:

□ Microgreens

□ Enoki mushroom

□ Cordyceps militaris

  • Free shipping: Canada, Vietnam

Special discount:

  • TekGrow’s price list is CAD $1,499. But, the special price for 99 Early Adapters is CAD $999 (-33% OFF).

2) How is the quality of harvested vegetables from TekGrow?

TekGrow uses hydroponic technology with an integrated dripping system. So, the quality of harvested products is similar to products from existing hydroponic gardens:

  • Fresh
  • Safe
  • Rich nutrients
  • 100% organic

3) Who will certify the vegetables and mushrooms from TekGrow are safe & organic?

Expected Certifications:

  • CSA certified (Canadian Standards Association, CSA)
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Certified Organic Associations of B.C. (COABC)

4) What is the benefit value from TekGrow?

Some benefit value of harvested products, such as:

  • 5 kg of fresh and nutritious microgreens every 2 weeks (≈ CAD $150)
  • 5 kg of fresh enoki mushrooms every 12 weeks (≈ CAD $90)
  • 5 kg of fresh cordyceps militaris every 12 weeks (≈ CAD $350, Vietnam market price)

5) How are the payback period and input costs?

The estimated cost of seed and medium:

✓ Microgreens: CAD $40 per 2 weeks

✓ Enoki mushroom: CAD $10 per 12 weeks

✓ Cordyceps militaris: CAD $80 per 12 weeks (Vietnam market price)

The payback period is estimated from 1 to 1½ year, depending on what you grow.

6) How does TekGrow use water and nutrient liquid?

TekGrow uses a hydroponic drip system to grow; hence, it will efficiently use the water and nutrient liquid.

7) How is the power consumption of TekGrow?

TekGrow is energy-efficient. Power consumption is less than 30 kWh per month, the same as a new refrigerator.

8) How does TekGrow release the smell and make noise?

The smell from TekGrow:

TekGrow is integrated with fans to flow the air more frequently. Besides that, the sensor will alarm the quality of nutrient liquid timely. Also, it is equipped with a carbon filter to clean and release smell-less air.

Noise from TekGrow:

The integrated pump and fans are small and only run about 30 minutes per time and 2 – 3 times per day. So, it is nearly noise-less.

9) How is the warranty period?

The warranty period is one year (both labor and replaced parts) from the date buyer receives the TekGrow.

10) Can TekGrow use seeds, medium & nutrient liquid from other existing suppliers?

Yes. TekGrow does not use smart soil. TekGrow will comply with existing seeds, mediums, and nutrient liquids in the market. However, TekGrow will test with some brand names and recommend them to users. Users can buy mediums, seeds, and nutrient liquids from TekGrow or other suppliers.

11) Can I buy TekGrow Smart In-home Garden online?

Yes. You can buy TekGrow at the shop on our website.


12) Do you accept Credit/Debit card payment?

Yes. You can use PayPal, Credit/Debit card for the payment.

13) How is the refund policy of the pre-order?

Risks of the pre-order:

  • Product images on the website differ from the real product after launch due to the actual color of materials at the production phase and the change of product form to meet the manufacturing phase.
  • The timeline of building, developing, manufacturing, and shipping the product may not meet the expected due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the buyer will face risk-free because we will timely update the product’s real picture during the developing phases. And if the final product does not meet the buyer’s expectation, the buyer can cancel the order at any time before the shipping day, and we will refund all your paid pre-orders without questions asked money-back guarantee.

14) What is the advanced feature of TekGrow Smart In-home Garden?

TekGrow does not use smart soil; therefore, the input cost is low. TekGrow can grow microgreens, leafy greens, flowers, mushrooms, and tropical herbs. Additionally, TekGrow is also suitable for cropping cordyceps militaris, which is popular and in high demand in Asia and Asian people in North America. Currently, the market does not have any appliance which can grow cordyceps militaris in households.

15) Is there a manual for setting up and growing various greens and mushrooms?

Yes. Tek and Grow will build the manual for users to grow kinds of greens, fruits, flowers, and mushrooms. Tek and Grow will test new seeds, mediums, nutrient liquids continuously to update the firmware of TekGrow and issue the latest version of the manual and recipe book. Users can download the manual, e-books and update the firmware easily without a fee (free download). If TekGrow is connected to the Internet, we will run auto-update when having a new version of the firmware.