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Founded in 2019

TT Vancouver Tek and Grow Inc. focuses on the design and development of Smart In-Home Gardens. Our products allow everyday individual and families to grow their own fresh and nutritional vegetables, mushrooms in the comfort of their home safely and with little to no effort.

Urbanization Problems

The UN reported that “In 2018, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050”. Urban and modernized living means that there will be less space in each household and less time for extra chores. At the same time, food safety and eating healthy will increasingly become an important factor in modern living. 

Fresh vegetables for healthy meals
Greens indoor space corner at home

Make Your Life Greener With Tek and Grow

Our Smart In-home Garden products make it effortless to grow plants 365 days a year, even in the busiest of households. Watering, lighting, and nutrients are all auto-regulated, so all you have to do is collect your fresh and nutritious harvest when they are ready.

About Our Founder

Tek and Grow’s founder, Thanh Phong Thai, comes from an Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering background with a Master of Arts in Development Economics. Thanh Phong has worked over 18 years at the first telco in Vietnam – Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and has had years of experience in investing and understanding the private healthcare systems in Vietnam.

Through his personal experience of his loved-ones facing cancer, Thanh Phong grew a deeper understanding surrounding the risks and treatments for cancer. In this, he learned that healthy eating of whole foods, stress management and having a balanced lifestyle are great practices to reduce the risks of cancer, improve general health and wellness.

How can smart technology simplify in-home gardening and provide healthy food at home?

 Gardening is not only a means to harvest vegetables. It can also help to connect us to nature and bring us positive methods of destressing. The healthy greens that you grow help with providing the right kinds of nutrients that can boost your body’s performance, recovery, and general well-being. While gardening is a great solution to achieving these benefits, making time can still be a challenge. This is where Tek and Grow can help to provide people with the tools to grow their own garden, connect with nature and improve their overall health, with virtually no effort and no gardening experience.

Our founder and team wholeheartedly believe in the power and benefits of in-home gardens. We hope that you will enjoy our products and the vegetables that you grow.


Why Tek and Grow?

✓ Grow healthy greens, microgreens, herbs, cordyceps and flowers

✓ Virtually organic with no use of pesticides, herbicides or chemicals

✓ No seasonality so you can grow all-year long

✓ No green-thumb required and easy-to-use

✓ Soil-free so no messes or clean-ups

✓ Saves time because it requires no gardening or trips to the local market

✓ Connect with nature in your home

✓ Space-saving to fit in urban living spaces

✓ Water-efficient

✓ Automatic, our system does all the work for you

✓ Mobile app connected so you can manage with ease

Vision, Mission & Values


✓ Enable integrated and healthy living through the use of technology and smart in-home appliances.


✓ Our mission is to promote health and create balance in your life through our smart indoor garden systems that bring nature, health and nutritious foods to your home.


✓ Bring balance and well-being back into your daily lives
✓ Save time all year long using our smart garden
✓ Eat healthy and nutritious meals, farm to table in minutes
✓ Bring greenery and nature back into your workspace and home

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TT Vancouver Tek and Grow Inc.
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